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Building your Mind, body and soul

Luton’s Most Strongest Iron Paradise Gym is an enabler in your pursuit of greatness in mental, spiritual and physical excellence. 

Luton’s Most Strongest Iron Paradise Gym is situated right in the heart of Luton Town, Bedfordshire. Above all, this independent Luton gym specialises in providing a high quality training environment to those who wish to seriously excel in their respective athletic field.

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Powerlifting training

We have a range specialised powerlifting training bars, dedicated deadlifting area and squat training area.


Bodybuilding Training

We have an extensive range of heavy duty iron plated machines and some of the heaviest weighted stacks inside Bedfordshire.

Log Press

Strongman Training

We are the only facility inside Luton and across Bedfordshire that can cater to specialised Strongman training.

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It's time, change your body

At Luton’s Most Strongest, we know by creating an empowering and focussed training environment we can inspire individuals to achieve their ultimate athletics goals. This specialised gym is open to everyone who finds comfort, peace, escape, value and a sense of purpose in the gym.

Luton Barbell Workout

Powerlifting Training

We have a dedicated range of powerlifting equipment which includes: Specialised powerlifting bars Dedicated Deadlift Platform with banded hooks. Varying levels of resistance bands. Varying weighted chains.

Luton Bodybuilding Gym

Bodybuilding Training

We have some of the heaviest dumbbells inside Luton and across bedfordshire: 2.5kg - 120kg Iron Weight Dumbbells. In addition, we have a range of specialised plated german imported bodybuilding machines.

In the Luton Gym

Strongman Training

We have the following strongman amenities to cater to your needs: Tyres (100kg, 150kg, 220kg and 400kg); Atlas Stones (50kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 120kg); Farmer's Walk; Super Yoke; Weighted Kegs; Log Press; Axle Bar, Standard & 30kg Sledge Hammer; Weighted Sled.

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